Campsite Rules

Here at the Old Sun we want everyone to enjoy their stay.  

We know at no body likes rules however we want our guests to have a wonderful break in the countryside so as well as abiding by the Camping and Caravanning Club rules, the 6 Metre Rule and Enjoying the Countryside (click links below), we kindly ask you to abide by our rules too:

  •  Be respectful at all times to other guests and our neighbours
  • Please keep music/noise to a respectable level
  • Please do not fly any drones over the site, or the neighbours properites
  • Please do not have electric heaters in your awning
  • Our power supply does not support charging of electric vehicle
  • Maximum of 4 adults per pitch
  • Maximum of 2 dogs, kept on leads at all times, per pitch
  • Members of Camping and Caravanning Club ONLY (you can join on arrival)
  • Over 18’s ONLY
  • NO campfires – however you are welcome to use our Firepit
  • Any BBQ’s must be off the ground (we provide bricks if needed)

Campsite Map

Site prices include up to 2 people per pitch You may request a specific pitch, however this is subject to availability..

Your pitch number will be available will be on the arrivals board by the Guest Lounge. 

Our Team

Hi there,
We are Graham & Mary, welcome to our little corner of South Norfolk.

We have lived at The Old Sun for over 20 years and as our children have grown up and our lifestyles have changed we started to explore the possibility of opening a small camp site – And here we are!

We have been keen motorhomers after acquiring our own van over 10 years ago. Having taken early retirement to enjoy the freedom, we decided we would like to open our own grounds for others to enjoy our home and for us to have like minded people stay with us. 

We have been open for over 5 years and we are loving it.  We have met some wonderful people and had great feedback.  We have started with a simple site but as time goes on we hope to expand and offer more facilities, we have added a toilet, fridge freezer, and electric last year.  This year we have added washing up, drinking water, and CDP points on the camping field.  And installed a Shower with sensor lights in the Guest Lounge and Toilet/Shower.

And we are always happy to hear any comments or suggestions.  

We hope you come and visit us soon,  

Graham & Mary

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually open from Easter and close the end of September.  However there maybe availability outside of these times. Please check our availability calendar which indicates what availability we have.

Yes we do, well behaved dogs (and owners) are welcome.  They should be kept on a lead and please clean up  after them.  Maximum of 2 dogs per pitch

Yes, our local pub The Artichoke is just over a 5 minute walk from us, serving real ale and food (Closed Mondays)

As our site is for members only you have to be a member of the club or you should join.

You can do this online or by telephone or can join onsite when you arrive.

Click here to join online

Please quote code 4223 when joining by telephone, if you join online please contact the membership department after joining and quote this code.

Yes! This is our preferred method of booking as you get an instant confirmation and our calendar is always up to date.  To book simply click the “Book Now” link which will take you through to our booking site. 

Arrival is from 12.30 lunchtime until 9.30pm.  If you wish to arrive outside of these time please email us and we will try to accommodate you.

Checkout time is 11.30am but it may be possible to extend this.  Speak to us about availability during you stay and we will be happy to help where possible.

Of course!  It would be lovely to have you staying with us longer (obviously this is subject to availability)

Yes! NEW in 2021 is a hot water shower along with a separate toilet and hand basin with hot and cold water.

If you use your own toilet we have a CPD we only ask that you use Septic Tank Friendly (Green) chemicals.

Our site is in a quiet, rural setting providing an opportunity for those who want to get away from it all. We have grown up children of our own so love children but wanted to give adults a peaceful break in the countryside.

We do not provide hardstanding although our site is on slightly sloping well drained grass.  Unless we have prolonged heavy rain there should not be a problem getting on and off the site.

We can provide up to 5 Electric hook up points

We have a more than enough space for up to 5 Caravans or Motorhome and up to 5 tents and you can choose to pitch down by the beck (stream) or closer to the amenities, it is your choice (subject to availability)

If you would like EHU, 3 pitches can be found along the top of the site near the copper beech hedge and 2 along the hedge. (subject to availability).

If you have stayed with us before or would like to select a specific pitch then please let us know and we will do all we can to arrange this for you.

Camp History

The first reference that we have to the building is in a conveyance document indicating that there was a Coaching Inn on this site from at least 1788.  It has changed hands many times over the years, and from old documents we can see that it was sold to Bullard & Sons (Bullards Ales) in 1888.  It has been known as The Sun Inn and also The Rising Sun Inn.  Many changes have been made over the years and it finally closed as a licensed establishment on 1/10/1965, to be converted into a private dwelling.

This excerpt is taken from “The Village Recorder, Ditchingham and Broome” and is from a lady who grew up at The Old Sun.

“I was six years old when we moved to The Sun in at Broome and I can still remember it now. There was a little place on the back when I was a little girl with an old-fashioned copper, and an old-fashioned oven in it. It had very little living accommodation so my mother had to have a room all made out upstairs, so if she had visitors they had somewhere to go, because there wasn’t any room downstairs.

There was the little room downstairs that we had the piano in with a fire of course and they used to pay someone to play the piano on Saturday nights and the customers would crowd in to enjoy singing. Everyone had their own song that they would sing, and each had their own seat too, you mustn’t sit in someone else’s seat, if you saw them coming you had to move.

I remember when the Americans came during the war it changed everything really. We had black Americans at Ditchingham and I remember one night my dad telling me to turn the light on, make the fire up and unlock the door, but I did it back to front. I made the fire up, unlock the door and before I could turn the lights on I saw a black hand come round the door in the light of the fire and I was so frightened that I screamed. My dad was furious with me for making a fuss but I’ve never seen a black man before in my whole life and it scared me. The black Americans were lovely though, and ever so well-behaved. They were beautiful singers and would attend the chapel on Sunday evenings and come back to the Sun afterwards but we didn’t serve beer on Sundays because of the rationing so they would just have a lemonade and enjoy songs and tap dancing. The white Americans at Seething weren’t really meant to come, but they wanted to, so my dad said that they could as long as they got on with the blacks. There was only once when there was a bit of an argument because one of the blacks beat one of the whites at darts and the white one threw his darts into the fire so my dad said that they’ll all have to stop coming, but they soon got over it and it was fine.

It was very small where the piano was really and there was a bit of a hatchway to the cellar which was quite dangerous really but it was cosy and it was all regular local people. They were all very happy together and they played darts and a lot of crib and fab and as I say on Saturday nights each one would have their own song or some would say a bit of poetry. My dad would put the gramophone on sometimes and play some tunes sometimes the old Mr Paravanni would come round with his crank organ with his wife Annie, she was such a beautiful woman and people would go outside to listen to them.  

The cart shed at the front is where the toilets were when we had it, there wasn’t any indoor loo’s.

We had our own well with a pump in the wash house at the back and it was lovely water. The house next door also had a pump and all the people further down used to come and get the drinking water from there and carry it back.

The garden went down to the back at the back and was 4 1/2 acres altogether.”